7 Mental Health Resources in Broward County, FL

broward county fl health resources

Anyone seeking information about mental health resources in Broward County, Florida, might be overwhelmed and confused by the many different kinds of services available. In a time of need or while trying to prevent a mental health crisis, not understanding how to get help or where to look for resources complicates the healthcare process.

Certain situations require multiple services and the needs of every person may be different, but here are seven resources for residents of Broward County, Florida:

A Coalition For Care

Knowing how the healthcare system is organized helps someone understand where to look for the resources they need. Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) oversees the entire behavioral health system for the public in Broward County. In order to better understand the different private companies that provide healthcare services through this system, Broward Behavioral Health Coalition was created. While much of their work focuses on gathering information and funding for programs and grants in the area, they release lists and directories for public use. The BBHC’s mission seeks to support accessible and affordable behavioral healthcare for residents in need of compassionate, effective care.

Finding Help Next Door

The easier it is to reach a provider, the more likely someone is to be able to use that service effectively and consistently. Finding the right programs nearby requires up-to-date local databases, and Broward 2-1-1 maintains an area-specific list of resources and their addresses. This database can be searched online by using keywords and can also be searched by type of service.

While the main database covers all areas of need, including housing and financial assistance, searches can be narrowed down to specify mental health resources.

State-Supported Centers

florida health supportRapid response to a mental health crisis can include inpatient care at a psychiatric hospital. The emergency rooms of community hospitals know the appropriate procedures for urgent care of a patient in personal crisis, but medication management and behavioral evaluation must take place with a team focused on psychiatric principles.

The state of Florida provides funding and support for South Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center as well as South Florida State Hospital as behavioral healthcare resources for Broward County. Other facilities are available in different parts of the state if the person in need should be relocated where immediate family or additional resources may be available.

Nationally Connected Programs

Finding effective, local treatment for mental health wellness or addiction recovery is a personal process, which means there needs to be a lot of options from which everyone may choose. With a wide range of choices comes uncertainty about how to make the best decision, or which provider is recognized by the appropriate organizations. One way that consumers can find these programs and treatment centers is with the Substance

Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Not only does SAMHSA maintain a robust and searchable database of helplines and locations, they also maintain a list of known treatment techniques and their known outcomes in scientific studies. This allows people to target the kind of program that would suit their need and then search for locations near them that might provide it.

Funding And Insurance Coverage

By law, certain mental and behavioral health services are essential benefits that should be part of every insurance plan before it can be purchased by consumers. If someone in need has an insurance plan, they should consult their coverage details for the full extent of services paid for by the plan.

Many treatment centers are able to guide their clients in how to determine what their coverage includes, and some may provide financial assistance through grants and donations for those without a current insurance plan.

Credit-based programs that provide consumers with a credit line specifically approved for healthcare are another option for people lacking insurance or enough coverage for the care they need.

Community-Based Recovery

For a fully localized directory of mental health resources for Broward County residents, the Broward Connections Guidebook keeps a descriptive list. Most entries include basic insurance information, financial assistance eligibility, physical locations, phone numbers, and hours. When available, websites and department contact information are also listed with the entry.

Focusing On Family Care

Behavioral and mental healthcare treatment programs often include the entire family so that every member can build coping skills for possible crises. When the person in need is a youth, there are specific services available for them to prevent a crisis.

As well, treatment programs that focus on building behavioral skills are an important intervention for children who struggle with mental health challenges. The University of South Florida maintains a national directory of family-focused organizations that can be searched by state and keyword.


Always remember to dial local emergency services if a mental health crisis is an immediate danger to anyone’s safety and well-being. Therapeutic techniques and programs work together through short-term and long-term treatment plans to develop and support mental health wellness.

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