Do You Need a Personal Health Coach?

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Personal Health Coach Info

Hiring a personal health coach could help you achieve the body and mindset that you have always desired. Though a personal health coach is not a magical solution to achieving total fitness, they can offer simple solutions for recurring issues that stand in the way of obtaining your health and fitness goals.

Why Should I Consider Investing in a Personal Health Coach?

Many Americans may not see themselves as “healthy” indviduals, but they are also reluctant to make any lifestyle changes to better their health. Being healthy is about much more than just eating wisely and exercising frequently. Sleep quality, mental health, and stress levels also play a role in comprehensive health. Although it may be simple to merely visit a physician when things go awry, a health coach promotes preventative medicine. Oftentimes, physicians are pushed to visit as many patients as possible in a limited time frame. Thus, reducing their ability to truly advise patients on lifestyle changes that could improve health. Personal Health Coaches can fill in that gap and provide essential information and education to better a client’s quality of life.

Where Can You Find a Personal Health Coach?

Personal Health Coaches can be found in a variety of settings. Many of these professionals find their homes within corporate wellness settings. Though they have proven to be an asset to company wellness programs, many coaches are now finding their way into the private market. Sessions generally range in price from $50 to $150 an hour depending on location and experience. These services are not typically covered by insurance at this time, but they do have the ability to move in that direction as they become more widespread. In fact, many experts agree that personal health coaches hold a special place in the world of medicine. In the long run, it may be more realistic to focus on a total treatment plan instead of just prescribing medicine as a “quick fix.”

What is the Difference Between a Personal Health Coach and a Personal Trainer?

While it is easy to see these professionals as one and the same, personal health coaches and personal trainers actually vary in their practices based on their focal points. While a personal trainer usually offers advice on exercise and diet, a personal health coach views health as an overall lifestyle. These coaches offer advice and education on ways to reduce stress, increase sleep, and making healthier lifestyle changes.

How Can a Personal Health Coach Help Me?

A Personal Health Coach relies on, well, “coaching” clients. They provide individuals with the essential tools for success and work on uncovering their downfalls. Identifying what is holding you back from being the best you can be is a major part of the puzzle. And more often than not, we can’t do it alone. Implementing small changes at a pace that is comfortable to clients is key. After all, many clients have tried a wide array of diets trends, drinks, pills, and plans. Finding something that they can stick to is the goal. Setting small goals is also another valuable measurement of success. Most clients have had experience in making too many changes at once or attempting entire diet overhauls only to be left with disappointment after a few weeks.

Developing a Health Plan

Though it can be beneficial to invest in a Personal Health Coach to help meet your unique goals, it is also important to remember their limitations. A Personal Health Coach can not a doctor. Most can not prescribe medicine, change dosages, or diagnosis health conditions. However, many doctors are starting to partner with health coaches for their patients who are experiencing serious health conditions, such as obesity and diabetes.

Although some health coaches are certified in personal training, most are not personal trainers. So if your Personal Health Coach is recommending exercises, it is wise to verify what certifications he/she may hold. Health coaches are also not drill instructors. They will not berate you for not completing a task on time. Nor will they scream orders at you. These coaches realize that life happens and try their best to help you through these struggles.

Overview of Personal Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaches are on the forefront of today’s healthy lifestyle revolution. Health Coaches can help clients prevent and manage lifestyle-related illnesses by providing nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

Let’s face it. Getting health on our own is difficult. Oftentimes we don’t even know that we are being tossed in the throes of life until it is too late. A Personal Health Coach can help you tackle these obstacle with knowledge and confidence. These individuals have been educated on helping other reach their potential through various techniques and lifestyle changes. Are you ready?

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