Future Role of Smartwatches in Personal Health

The Promising Future Role of Smart Watches in Personal Health

Technology in the health industry is developing at an impressive rate. The doctors are continuously researching for simpler ways in which one can be able to maintain optimum health and prevent ill-health. As a result, gadgets aimed at helping in personal health such as smart phones and smart watches have been developed. Smart watches have continuously shown promise in helping individuals maintain good health as they can access physiological data that the hand held mobile devices might not be able to access.

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Personal Health Data

Your Personal Health Data

HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, is the Federal legislation establishing data security and privacy provisions to safeguard medical information. The part of HIPAA governing your rights over your own health information is called the Privacy Rule. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, this law sets limits and rules governing which people can receive and view your personal health information. This includes information stored or delivered in writing, electronically or orally.

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Senior Citizens and Online Health Resources

As Internet use increases across all demographics, so does its use as a health resource. From researching symptoms and side-effects to chatting with doctors online, and even ordering prescriptions, the Internet puts users in control of their healthcare more than ever before in history. Still, one vital demographic lags behind the rest in terms of using the Web as a resource for health. Seniors in the developed world struggle with adopting Internet practices that would benefit their health, despite having the most health-related concerns. Three main overlapping issues explain why this discrepancy in use between younger generations and older seniors exists: age, education, and income.

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Your Health Privacy

Every day, our society is inventing new and incredible things with technology. From new programs to smart appliances, we have found a way to implement at least a little bit of technology into almost every aspect of our lives. In most cases, these advancements have been extremely beneficial to our development as human beings. In other situations, however, technology and developers have crossed a few lines. One company, in particular, who has crossed a few lines on several occasions is Google. Keep reading to find out how.

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